• Genius
  • Simple Inventions go a long way

    We all love our inventions and like to keep them as pure as possible. After all simplicity in a product takes you a long way. sprinkling a perfect inventions with useless features destroys the one thing you didn’t say no to. Comic Strip Series – Wally Invents the two-handled coffee mug Source: Wally Invents the […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Seasons of Change

    The world experiences seasons through out the year, each hemisphere is basically alternating the seasonal changes at the same time and more often than not, there will be some locations where the seasons are fabulous. Some places the weather is very predictable and the forecast is right on the dot. Where as in other places […]

  • Random
  • To Respond or Not

    That is definitely not the question that pops in my mind, but hey if I were to respond to everything that was going out there, I don’t think I’d have the time to perform my duties. But hey, I’m best known for listening and reading, I’m learning to talk and write in the process, but […]

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  • Hello You!

    This is my first post as in all inclusions to be certainly clear about the fact that what I just said made no sense whatsoever to anyone even if it did, they probably got the meanings that I did not intend to display in the first place. I’m not really liking this keyboard since it […]