It’s What You’ve Been Waiting For.

Apple on September 4th informed their list of media, bloggers and other content creating companies to come see them at the Yerba Buena Center in San francisco to announce something we've all been waiting for. With an announcement on September 12th for the iPhone 5 (6th gen device) along with possibly other items. It will also means that they're going to discontinue iPhone 3GS 8GB (which was free with 2 yr contract) and drop the price on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 making it an even more compelling reason to pick up an iPhone. These are my guesses for the pricing structure on the iPhone lineup. iPhone 4 8GB free (with 2 yr contract or no contract) iPhone 4S 8GB $99 (with 2 yr contract) iPhone 5 16GB $199 (-----…
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Got iPhone Pwned?

iPhone, Lifestyle, Programming
Well after reading articles and dugg stories of the iPhone Pwnage Tool first being in existance, then being delayed from released, then being completely closed-out and shutdown and sold to a private company to finally being released on April 3rd, 2008. I was in complete awe and amazement. So I did what everyone who is an early adaptor and downloaded the tool, loaded it up on my MacBook Pro as quickly asĀ I could. I ran into one issue which caused me a little delay (my home Mac was the primary sync point for my iPhone). If I were to use the tool on the iPhone from my MBP it'd erase my music/videos and this would cause me to listen to nothing on my way backĀ home. This is where AFPd came…
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