• Genius
  • Simple Inventions go a long way

    We all love our inventions and like to keep them as pure as possible. After all simplicity in a product takes you a long way. sprinkling a perfect inventions with useless features destroys the one thing you didn’t say no to. Comic Strip Series – Wally Invents the two-handled coffee mug Source: Wally Invents the […]

  • Software
  • Sketch vs Fireworks (Fight!)

    After using Adobe’s Fireworks (Initially Macromedia Fireworks) for over 15 years to design websites, mobile apps, logos, envelopes, and everything under the sun. I’ve decided to switch over the Sketch 3 (I know it seems like I waited on Sketch 2, it’s cause I didn’t know Sketch existed.) Used Adobe Fireworks entirely to design some […]

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Dark Matter

    Excellent article over at Medium by Justin Barber Talks about our obsession, nay addiction with technology and the millions of screens available at our disposal, and what they all mean. It starts by realizing our problem with technology isn’t between us and our devices, it’s between you and me: we’re not addicted to our phones, we’re […]

  • Movies
  • Iron Patriot Maquette

    Hot Toys has done it again and thanks to sideshow toys, you can now own a piece of American history in your own home. With this highly detailed Iron Patriot expand your collection! Sideshow Collectibles Iron Patriot Maquette in partnership will Legacy Effects now available for Iron Man 3 and Marvel fans! Source: Iron Patriot […]