Automatic Plug-in updates!

Oh my!! I just upgraded my WordPress to version 2.5. It is beautiful! and its got this new awesome cool thing going for it… more like for me. After I copied over all of the plug-ins that I had on my older wp 2.3.1, I went to check the plug-ins section and it showed me all of the plug-ins and they were showing up properly.

Then the new thing that I noticed was that there were some plug-ins that were old and their new-counterparts are available to download, there is a link to either go to the download-page and manually do the stuff, OR I can simply click on the “update automatically link” and wordpress fetches the download file and updates the plugin! all under 5 seconds, where as the manual method would atleast take 2-5 minutes!

This is definitely an amazing feature!

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  1. One of the features of WP 2.5 that I really like best is this plugin automatic upgrade. I always use outdated plugin when I was still using the older WP versions.

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