• Google
  • Google teases shared space.

    Google today announced that it’ll be offering shared storage for all your accounts, well for the ones that really matter anyways.. such as google docs, gmail, +photos will all shared a massive 15GB. Of course you also have the option to get 100GB for $4.99/month or more based on what google will offer.   And […]

  • Cosplay
  • Iron Man MK2 Faceplate

    So I had a few styrofoam cups lying around and I was thinking about what I could do with them, I didn’t feel like throwing them away. Since I’ve been reading up on Pepakura (japanese for paper craft) and looking at how people have been making costumes identical to movies and games they love. There’s […]

  • Solutions
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe today announced the update to their popular software Adobe Creative Suite, replacing it with Adobe Creative Cloud. With the new release, you no longer have the ability to buy the software outright. It’s a good move but you’re completely tied to a system paying as much at $49.99 / month on a yearly contract […]