Color Accessibility – The Pocket Guide

What is Color Accessibility? It’s a condition faced by 5% of the entire population in the world, we should design with taking into account that these folks won’t be able to see the vision we’re trying to display with our creations.

Geri from created this awesome pocket guide to help designers create designs that are accessible for people with colorblindness.

Get your copy here!

It’s just a few bucks and will take you a long way in creating accessible designs.

Google teases shared space.

Google teases shared space.

Google today announced that it’ll be offering shared storage for all your accounts, well for the ones that really matter anyways.. such as google docs, gmail, +photos will all shared a massive 15GB. Of course you also have the option to get 100GB for $4.99/month or more based on what google will offer.

Google Storage


And from the look at the current additional storage the prices won’t change at all from what they are now.

Additional Google Storage


It’s pretty awesome that we get more free space, but its all taking us towards getting hooked on and eventually end up getting a paid plan 🙂

Just my 2 cents.

source: Gizmodo, Flickr, Google

Iron Man MK2 Faceplate

Iron Man MK2 Faceplate

So I had a few styrofoam cups lying around and I was thinking about what I could do with them, I didn’t feel like throwing them away.
styrofoam cup

Since I’ve been reading up on Pepakura (japanese for paper craft) and looking at how people have been making costumes identical to movies and games they love. There’s entire forums such as or where hobbyists and fans communicate and talk about their builds.

So the first thing I grabbed was the Iron Man helmet, ofcourse the helmet is a lot more than the pieces below and due to the limited area of the styrofoam cup.. I decided to do just the faceplate.

Downloaded, printed and cut the pieces out for the faceplate on paper.
iron man mk2 faceplate

The opened up the cup but cutting the bottom away and then a line from top to bottom to straighten it out. The use the stencil you created to cut the pieces out of the foam,
Foam Cup cut and somewhat flattened

Assemble using the pepakura designer for reference parts, and viola!

Finished Faceplate

Ofcourse, its snug.. when making a model that you’d like to use with your costume always add 1-2 inches to your face height.

On my Face!

Happy Pepping! or Pep-foaming.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe today announced the update to their popular software Adobe Creative Suite, replacing it with Adobe Creative Cloud. With the new release, you no longer have the ability to buy the software outright. It’s a good move but you’re completely tied to a system paying as much at $49.99 / month on a yearly contract for the complete collection or $74.99 if you just want to use complete on a month to month basis, and $19.99/month for a single application.

Either way I’m pretty excited about the new tools Adobe has introduced which are part of the Creative Cloud, Adobe Edge Tools, namely: Edge Code, Edge Reflow, Edge Animate and Edge Inspect enabling you HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript responsive design, coding, animations and let you inspect your designs on the several mobile devices.

The one thing that’s got me upset is adobe’s decision to quit on Fireworks after CS6. They’re going to manage the application and update it as required to support newer operating systems but no major update to Fireworks CC, like they’ve done with Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, Illustrator CC and others.

I’ve read that UX/UI designers have jumped ship and using Sketch by Bohemian Coding, I’m going to give it a try but after using Adobe Fireworks for all sorts of designs for over 8 years its hard to learn something new but I’ll give it a try.

Thanks for listening! Adobe Creative Cloud can be found here: