Facebook Launches FBC (facebook chat)

Facebook Launches FBC (facebook chat)

The new facebook chat recently launched, as in this morning. As I was greeted with a “hello! facebook chat is ready to involve you more with the people you know on facebook”
I got to use the little application and its pretty amazing, its done similar to the gmail-chat with the list of people online also on the bottom bar. The interface is clean and usable, and lets you surf the website without any hiccups.
Good work facebook! Way to increase pageview times :o)
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Movie Industry Doubles Down on 3-D

Studio execs have an odd conundrum: Box-office receipts have steadily grown but the number of ticket sales have not. Thanks to the proliferation of home theaters, movies-on-demand and portable video players, moviegoers have fewer reasons to actually “go” to a movie. The studios’ solution?

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Got iPhone Pwned?

Well after reading articles and dugg stories of the iPhone Pwnage Tool first being in existance, then being delayed from released, then being completely closed-out and shutdown and sold to a private company to finally being released on April 3rd, 2008. I was in complete awe and amazement. So I did what everyone who is an early adaptor and downloaded the tool, loaded it up on my MacBook Pro as quickly as I could. I ran into one issue which caused me a little delay (my home Mac was the primary sync point for my iPhone). If I were to use the tool on the iPhone from my MBP it’d erase my music/videos and this would cause me to listen to nothing on my way back home.

This is where AFPd came in handy, I created a private WiFi network, connected to the iPhone and copied over all of my music to this iTunes Library into a new playlist (which will now sync to the iPhone). Once that was done I “erase and sync”ed the iTunes with the iPhone. Now I was ready to Pwn my iPhone. I was then missing the ipsw files required by the Pwnage tool, which I was easily able to download thanks to ‘iphone.unlock.no’.

I then put my phone into recovery-mode and was able to use the iPwner tool to flash the rom (using the downloaded 1.1.4 ipsw)

Then I created a new custom 1.1.4 ipsw using the Pwnage tool & the original 1.1.4 ipsw.

Once the iPhone was pwned, I restored it using the new custom ipsw that I just created using iTunes (option + restore button, select file)

Automatic Plug-in updates!

Oh my!! I just upgraded my WordPress to version 2.5. It is beautiful! and its got this new awesome cool thing going for it… more like for me. After I copied over all of the plug-ins that I had on my older wp 2.3.1, I went to check the plug-ins section and it showed me all of the plug-ins and they were showing up properly.

Then the new thing that I noticed was that there were some plug-ins that were old and their new-counterparts are available to download, there is a link to either go to the download-page and manually do the stuff, OR I can simply click on the “update automatically link” and wordpress fetches the download file and updates the plugin! all under 5 seconds, where as the manual method would atleast take 2-5 minutes!

This is definitely an amazing feature!