Cisco's Big Switch

Combined with virtualization, the company’s new mega-bandwidth equipment promises to supercharge data centers. A network switch that’s capable of routing 15 terabits of data per second–the equivalent of moving the entire contents of Wikipedia in … Continue reading Cisco's Big Switch

Advancing in the Job market

The Job market can be a tough place when you’re looking for a job. But if you’re already in a job position it isn’t that hard to advance within the company. I found this great article over at; here is a short transcript from the article:

Sometimes you’ve got to show the higher-ups you can do the job before they give it to you.

Forward-thinking employees know that and are taking on additional responsibility to prove they should get promoted or switch departments altogether. Yes, it takes additional planning–and lots of extra hours at the office–but the effort can pay off.

“It’s like having a business plan for yourself,” says Janet G. Lenz, an assistant professor and career counselor in Florida State University’s career center.

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