Using AJAX with PHP & MySQL

Today I started reading the book: PHP & MySQL for Dummies. I figured that since I’ve been using web services, creating websites for so long and using a group of different technologies, why not learn the underlying programming languages that make the dynamics of the web. Hence the book PHP & MySQL for Dummies helps me out. I’ll admit that I’m a dummy in the area of PHP, but I’m not that dumb, I understand the context and how the systems work.

This book should help me in learning the powers of PHP and MySQL and give me the ability to create a more customized web solutions for my clients.

Lets get this done and make it happen.

Technorati profile

Since I use the internet in a huge way and I like to bookmark and blog about the amazing articles I read everyday. I created myself a technorati profile. Here I’ve managed to store all of my bookmarks and commented on them so it explains on what the link is all about.