Using AJAX with PHP & MySQL

Today I started reading the book: PHP & MySQL for Dummies. I figured that since I’ve been using web services, creating websites for so long and using a group of different technologies, why not learn the underlying programming languages that make the dynamics...

Technorati profile

Since I use the internet in a huge way and I like to bookmark and blog about the amazing articles I read everyday. I created myself a technorati profile. Here I’ve managed to store all of my bookmarks and commented on them so it explains on what the link is all...

Are You Leopard Ready?

A summary, how to and a check list of things to watch out for and prepare for leopard upgrade. A really neat article over at TeknoJunkieread more | digg story

25 Skills Every Man Should Know – Ultimate DIY

These days, you can outsource almost any job ¬óbut some things you need to know how to do yourself. Study our master list with step-by-step tips from the experts, and test your DIY aptitude each step of the more | digg story

Seven Things That Keep Us From Getting Home on Time

Procrastination in making decision is one of the unrecognized time wasters. It is under the radar because we are sitting at the desk immersed in data, thinking, and collecting more background. ….read more | digg story